A story of friendship and our love for the ocean🧜‍♀️

Hello mermaids! here's a little something about the bestfriends behind Mermaid Curls.

We are Bam and Lou, city girls and merfriends since good ol 2005. Here's an interesting fact: neither of us can spend too much time away from our beloved shores. We live for moments under the blazing sun with sand in between our toes and seashells in our hair. Beachy waves and tans are what we love taking home after every trip.

Our shared love for the beach and the beauty of having light curls from undoing our buns have birthed Mermaid Curls. 

Since going to the beach isn't something we can enjoy at the moment, we thought of bringing the raw beach look straight to your homes!

Lo and behold - a device that gives you the pretty curls we mermaid wannabes aspire to have. Whoever said that you need saltwater to get mermaid hair clearly hasn't tried our mermaid wands!